Freelance and Hobby Software Projects:

Direct Sales management and inventory Software – Windows Visual C++/Access DB

  • Database driven windows application for operating a home-based sales businesses.
  • Features contact management including managint customer contacts/leads, maintain email lists, etc.
  • Party scheduling feature allows basic scheduling and sync with online schedule applications, or to hand-held device
  • Tracks product orders for customers as well as consultant orders from the company, also allows for product trades
  • The software also had consultant inventory management features to set desired inventory levels and indicate, based on sales, when product orders needed to be placed.
  • Access DB backend as default but allowed for mysql or other using inheritance of the DB connection class. GUI was MFC windows GUI using MVC model with ODBC, allowing for swapping of database backends.

Private writing/photo job website – LAMP stack, PHP/mysql specifically

  • Developed user based private website for posting small jobs for aspiring freelance writers and photographers.
  • The site is private, so I have removed banners and links on the screenshots below.

Auto/Car Tint Meter – Android

  • Android application utilizing the light sensor to measure light in order to determine tint %.
  • Used a baseline/control measurement then repeat through tinted glass to get % tint of the window
  • Worked on algorithm to detect the precision of the Android light sensor, in testing it was found that most devices at the time (2010) didn’t support precise enough sensors

Kiosk/Kids video player – Android Tablet

  • Android tablet application for Kiosk video player. The application would on Android Honeycomb and it would remove the software navigation buttons to allow protected playback, looping and un-interrupted video playback.
  • Developed on top of free video player, this player had custom media selection with an option for looping video in repeat mode required in a kiosk.
  • Researched and assisted others with code for stopping and restarting SystemUI process running the software buttons. That method was integrated in the player along with a specific button sequence on the volume button to allow the SystemUI to restart to navigate the system again.
  • Researched and attempted to find method for Android Ice Cream Sandwich to perform the same task, but would have required custom system APKs or OS changes which wasn’t feasible for deployment.

Android Training Class

  • Developed training material and examples for basic Android training with co-workers at General Dynamics.
  • Wrote application in front of the other members to demonstrate android development techniques with the development of a calculator app.

Cell phone signal strength mapping – Blackberry + Windows Mobile + Android + iOS App

  • Developed business pitch and prototype with partner to develop the leading source for real-world cell phone coverage data.
  • Created Blackberry, Windows mobile, iOS and Android applications that would track GPS location and map measured signal strength on a location basis (similar to
  • Developed algorithm to take new measurements approximately every 1000 feet based on past and present speed and location
  • Developed new server code that would use a REST-ful API, written in PHP. Allowed user upload of data points into mysql database. Prior to the database it took >12 hours to process from flat file, upgrading to Cassandra further improved performance and flexibility.
  • iOS version couldn't be released in the app store due to private API issues and Android version not completed before project was shuttered by my partner.
  • While the latest site has been removed, an earlier skeleton is available HERE. Keep in mind all of the back end services like map overlays have been removed.

Many hobby Embedded hardware/software work – Arduino and Raspberry Pi projects

  • Various small projects using Arduino IDE, gcc and python on Raspberry Pi. Examples: Lap timer, sound triggered timer, IR transmitter, and external remote sensor reading over Bluetooth to mobile application.

Latest DIY Hardware Projects:

Water Cooled PC

Acrylic Raspberry Pi Case